Gadolinium Stories

FDA Voting meeting - Black Box Warning

’A life ruined is a life ruined..’ Anyone who has had an MRI needs to see this- FDA Voting Meeting on Gadolinium Retention (MRI Contrast)- voting Dr speaks out and says that people need to know about Gadolinium retaining in them as it has and that the current mechanisms are absolutely not sufficient. Please take action yourself and share this. You can now be tested for this at several clinics. 

Sandra Wagner Titus

September 9, 2018

This is my daughter from 08/2016. She had 2 back to back linear contrast mris and had to go to ER the same night that she had the second mri. She had difficulties breathing and weakness with involuntary movement and tremors...AND THE ER SENT HER HOME AND SAID THEY COULD CALL A NURSING HOME IF I COULDN’T TAKE CARE OF HER!!! They didn’t want to keep her or look for cause beyond labs and ...mri. Told me sometimes you never find out why some people get sick and die. We still have trauma from this experience!!

Two weeks later took her to different hospital because her heart rate spiked to 160 while sitting at drs office and she just went limp. Hospitalized 9 days and inpatient pt for 10.

She was tested for ALS, MS, Lyme disease...lumbar puncture. Everything negative results.

When she was admitted and assessed the drs and therapists told me it was likely she would go home with a hospital bed.

She’s a fighter and was able to regain upper body strength.

This was the most mobility she was able to regain at hospital.

We just figured out Gadolinium was possible cause and she is tested positive for gadolinium.

There is soooo much more to her story and this is just the beginning of her new journey now that we know what happened.

Karen Adams

September 2, 2019

This video is so very difficult for us to share, but we have to educate about this poison. This is our life. Her pain level hasn't been below an 8 for the past 3 Mos. and has been at a level 6 for the last ten plus years. This video depicts her beyond a level 10, which is a frequent escalation, and, unfortunately, requires an ER visit for IV narcotic pain meds and IV nausea meds. The whole theory (aka lie) is that she would expel this poison within 48-72 hrs, yet here we are almost 6 years since her last gad injection. THIS IS GAD LIFE. THIS IS A DISABLED 22 YEAR OLD all because of MRI GADOLINIUM INJECTIONS. #gadlifex1000 #heartbrokengadmother #gadlifestinks #bigpharmasux 

Debbie Heist Lambert

I hope you will watch my personal Gadolinium Story and then help us educate yourself and loved ones. Gadolinium can destroy a life in a single moment. It changes our DNA, and it creates so many new illnesses and diagnoses.

I no longer chase symptoms but am focused on chelation to reduce the Gadolinium load on my body.

Manufacturers released a letter in 2018, which is posted in the resource section of this website. The letter acknowledges Gadolinium is retained in everyone injected - in the brain, bones, tissue and organs. The only way to have Gadolinium in the human body is to to be injected as part of the MRI process.

Please say NO to MRI with Contrast -
#askquestions, #beaware, #itsyourbody, #gadolinium

Judy Buzzard-Gerrity (husband Mike)

 These are the struggles of Gadolinium Toxicity. SAY NO TO CONTRAST! The only safe way my husband can navigate steps at this point.... he has NO BALANCE OR COORDINATION  

This is a painful video to watch as he tries to get get into his wheelchair, unable to walk and participate in life as he once did.

Judy Buzzard-Gerrity (husband Mike)

  These are the struggles of Gadolinium Toxicity. SAY NO TO CONTRAST! The only safe way my husband can navigate steps at this point.... he has NO BALANCE OR COORDINATION   

Mike and Judy work tirelessly to raise awareness to the damages of Gadolinium. Mike's case was one of the first cases to go before the FDA when Judy attended an open meeting in 2017.

Here we see Mike fighting to move about his home.  Before Gadolinium, Mike was a well known business man living the dream. 

Gadolinium Stories

Wanda Milley


Wanda Milley needed multiple MRIs to help diagnose and treat a brain tumour. Now, she's dealing with a painful condition she believes was caused by the dye used during the MRIs.

Full story:


 Toxic MRI Gadolinium Contrast Agent Causing Debilitating Diseases In Patients 

 Each year in the United States, more than 10% of the population will undergo an MRI scan, and a good portion of those will include the use of a contrast agent that contains the element gadolinium. This element can be highly toxic to human beings, and it has now been linked to a serious condition called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF.) Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins speaks with attorney Kim Adams about the dangers of this compound and the lawsuits that have arisen as a result of patients who have suffered injuries from it. 

Thank you goes to - The Ring of Fire for this publication.


Gadolinium Gadavist destroyed my life.

"I'm thinking I'm a dead man."

USRecallNews - FDA

 An FDA news story about MRI contrast agents using gadolinium dyes. The FDA last year added new labels to the drug regarding the risk of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). For more information see: . 

Gadolinium Stories

Samantha Goldsmith 

a second story... 

Samantha Goldsmith has her whole life ahead of her.  “I’m a young mom with two kids and I just want to be here for them,” says Samantha.  But the future is scary for the 31-year old who says her body retained a contrast agent during an MRI back in July. 

MRI Dye Warning 

A news story where 75 out of 75 who had an MRI with Contrast = Gadolinium had NSF.

Lorna FitzHenry

I'm 42 years old and this is my story.   On January 7th 2019, I went in for a routine MRI with Contrast. Although nothing on it ended up being routine. 

I was in the machine 1 hour 20 minutes of which maybe a half hour was before dye was administered. I was having a reaction before dye was administered however was not aware of that , at that time. I was sneezing and coughing. However due to being a smoker I chalked it up to a ":smokers hack" even apologized for it , as I was interrupting the machine and test from being performed.  

About a half hour in I was taken out and dye started to be administrated (contrast). I felt immediate pain. I felt like my arm was on fire and that pain intensified. I tried to tell the tech something was wrong , in which she got snippy and snapped at me demanding to know if I worked in medical field , was a nurse or a doctor. She didn't stop administering that dye until my arm went completely numb. She told me she had just collapsed my vein to not worry about it. I asked her to call my doctor, instead she proceeded to administer dye into my other arm.  

I was then placed back into the MRI machine for another 45 minutes with adverse reaction occurring.  It's been 9 months since that morning. I can bore you with all that has occurred however I will keep it short. 1 month when I found out I was toxic, 2nd month was confirming toxicity again. 2-3rd month was thinning of kidneys and decreased brain abnormal for age with grey matter found. 3rd to 4th month was bilateral thickening to both lungs.  3rd to 5th month was doctors scrambling for explanations or trying to find reasonable excuses to be used for cause. Verbally will be said gadolinium caused, written will state other.  6 months to get public health involved. 8 months for them to investigate and close case without talking to me. 9 months for medical review of professional regulations to start investigation.   I took months 6 to 9 off from going to doctors. 

Mentally I couldn't handle anymore diagnoses being given with zero treatment. Liver is now being looked at...Month 6 was they also found a lump in my breast I have to get looked at too.  9 months I can't get a news outlet to bring awareness to this, I can't get those supposed to protect us in health departments to effectively investigate. I have doctors who will tell me nothing is wrong, and I have to show them where in labs or X-rays, CT scans, MRI's problem areas show...  White coat treatment occurs . I've had people call my house tell me procedures denied by insurance, to later have that number no longer available / disconnected.   It all sounds like a story of fiction someone is making up.... unfortunately its all real.  Its a nightmare that has yet to end, and I am only on month 9. 

Gad Victim - shares concerns after FDA approves Gadavist for Coronary Artery Disease

So the FDA approves MRI contrast agent Gadavist to diagnose coronary artery disease even though it is known to cause fibrosis in people with a history of heart disease and they claim they don't know the long term damage that is done from being exposed to Gadolinium, but they still think its a good idea to approve it for use????

I would LOVE to see the video or minutes from the FDA hearing of how and when this got approved.

I hope me trying to copy the link to the article and the package insert for Gadavist worked. If not I will attach after.…/bayer-mri-contrast-a…/558825/……/lab…/2019/201277s017lbl.pdf

Crystal Anderson

 One minute video request to Dr. Durie to prevent POEMS syndrome that Crystal believes was a result of Gadolinium 

Sarah Hatfield (sharing her son's story)


Hello, my name is Sarah Hatfield I’m a 42 yr. old mother of 2, I live in Albany in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

My son Taran was born on 21st of November 1997, with a Craniopharyngioma brain tumor, a tumor that grows near the pituitary gland (the 'master gland' of the neuro endocrine system). Treatment for this tumor and the outcomes of treatments vary greatly, however there is almost always impact on the endocrine (hormone) system.

Diagnosed at age 7.5, Taran then had the bone age of 2 yrs. 8 months, and was suffering the impacts of cortisol deficiency, type 5 diabetes, hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency and all the symptoms that go with those conditions. 

As is standard procedure when investigating and treating tumors, frequent MRI were required, and contrast medium was used in every single MRI he had, from age 7 until age 18 when he first learned of the dangers of gadolinium. How many doses does that make over the years? Well over 30. Some of them in clusters i.e. pre/post surgery, most of them in his formative years. 

Taz has suffered most of the symptoms of gad toxicity to varying degrees, the period of 'frozen bones' was hell on earth to witness, I can’t begin to fathom what the experience must be like, but it’s the neuralgia that has caused the most of his ongoing suffering : His skin 'fires' constantly, at its best he describes it as being like being poked with a hot needle, at random points across his body, at about 1 'poke' every few seconds. On average it’s like waves of a thousand pin pricks moving downward over his face and torso, and more recently reaching his legs. At its worst (more and more frequent) he describes waves of sensation of hot burning stabs, about as bad as a march fly bite, rolling over his head and down his whole body. Incessantly. I’ve watched him claw himself raw. Some nights he spends shivering in a ball on his bed because the second he puts a blanket on his skin starts firing. 

He describes feeling like his joints are hyper-extending, and often hobbles as a result.

He has knuckles that were damaged in an accident that are now 'mysteriously' refusing to heal normally, two fingers now that he can’t use. I’ve watched him scream and blanch white, after the smallest knock to those fingers. Docs still 'just don’t know' what they are looking at in the x-rays.

Full blown osteoporosis at age 22. NOT all folk with no pituitary end up with osteoporosis, and i suspect gad has played a part in his 'bones behaving badly'.

Taran was laughed at, literally, the first time he refused contrast. The tech said, quote unquote, " I can give you contrast now, and i guarantee you it’ll be out of your system when we test in an hour".  This in a top hospital in Perth. 

I could go on...

I’m afraid for him, and so very traumatized by his suffering, and the lack of support we have received.

Currently trialling medical marijuana, at enormous financial cost, as smoking weed is the only thing, inc all pharmaceutical options, that alleviates the neuralgia.

My heart goes out to you all,

Hoping with my whole heart that you all find some relief soon.