Oveview and RULES for Submitting your Story for publication

It takes a community to drive change, please join us in the fight to change how MRI's are managed and Gadolinium is used. To submit your story, go to Admin@livingwithgadolinium.com


  • Create community.
  • Share personal Gadolinium stories.
  • Give a voice to victims.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Drive change.

* See short and long term goals below.


The intent of this site is -  

- To share your Gadolinium Story.

- To create awareness of the mass number of individuals who have received Gadolinium.

- To partner with doctors, researchers, chemists and others working on solutions, antidotes and cures for victims injected with Gadolinium.

- To allow the media a place to come to view, share our stories once they obtain permission from the administrator of this site and the owner of the posted content.



Media or anyone interested in using content from this site: You must first submit a request and a usage permit must be approved by the site and content owner(s). 

Submitters - if you have a pending lawsuit, your options include - 

  • submit your story and request to remain ANONYMOUS. 
  • verify with your attorney that you are cleared to post your story before submitting it.
  • If you are wanting to post anonymously, be sure to create your story with an inanimate object showing as you record. 

Setting the Stage

This site is intended to - 

1. Raise Gadolinium awareness

2. Drive change

3. Partner with others who are also working towards solutions, cures, antidotes and with permission from the site admin and content owner share data for these specific reasons.

Therefore it is imperative what we remain good stewards of the stories we share. When creating your story, we encourage you to - 

- Remain true to your personal story 

- DO NOT  call out names or locations of doctors, organizations or other information that would cause damage to the larger goals and ongoing work done by these individuals and organizations.

Very simple - 

  • Be authentic.
  • Stories must be owned in whole by the submitter. 
  • No foul or violent language is permitted in any published story.
  • Stories may NOT contain any references to a specific doctor or organization.


  • Stories are shared globally and publicly and will be viewed by a variety of audiences. This is an important point. If you post and choose to later remove your story, since you own the content, your requestion to remove the content will be given top priority.

  • Suggestions - 
    • First person voice is preferred.
    • Ask a friend or family to review your content before submitting the final version.
    • Spell check is your friend.

Stories and this site will be refreshed on Tuesday and Thursday each week, in most cases. Contact the site admin if you have requests outside these days.

Supported file formats/sizes etc.


  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Word
  • Video
  • pdf


  • Try to keep audio/video files to a Maximum of 3-5 minutes. This means you will need to be succinct in telling your story. Users tend to bail less on files that are kept as close to 3 minutes as possible.

If you have questions about your file, send a message to Admin@livingwithgadolinium. 

Short and Long Term Goals*

 Short Term Goals*

  • Increase number of people sharing their Gadolinium story/journey.
  • Drive visibility and increase visitor views to the site.
  • Provide relevant data to doctors, researchers and others to drive changes (usage, developing chelation protocols, insurance coverage, etc.).
  • With input from the community of submitters, we may decide to use content in multiple ways to further raise awareness and drive change. It will take some time and we will move forward with the input from the community. The outline - to be open for discussion after we gather a good size portfolio of stories.

Long Term Goals*

  • Open discussion.
  • Find and allocate resources.
  • Obtain funding (only if it becomes necessary). 
  • Engage to develop timeline, budget and actionable business plan.
  • Drive further change as deemed necessary,