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Thank you for visiting! Please take your time to view the site and determine if it might be a fit to share your Gadolinium story. 

A little about my Gadolinium story. 

Before 2016, I was healthy and very active, loving all things outdoors (hence the picture I selected). From 2016-18, I suffered multiple pancreatitis episodes, requiring me to spend several days in the hospital each time. What I didn't know was that each time they did an MRI with Contrast (Gadolinium) my body was being poisoned and left retaining the Gadolinium. I was never given any information about the fact Gadolinium is Toxic to humans, nor was I asked about giving "Informed consent" prior to being injected. 

Since May 2018, the FDA has updated Gadolinium with a Black Box Warning and anyone receiving an MRI with Contrast should receive a copy of the medication guidelines and an opportunity to give informed consent or decline contrast.


After I was poisoned with Gadolinium and began searching and learning answers, such as - 

  • Gadolinium, a rare earth metal, is TOXIC to humans.
  • Some amount of Gadolinium is retained in everyone who receives an MRI/MRA with contrast. 
  • There is no cure or antidotes for Gadolinium.
  • There are several support groups and websites available to help victims learn about this toxic man-induced poison.

To learn more, there are several files in the Resource section of this site. 

After receiving no help from anyone about the impact Gadolinium was having on my body, I received multiple whispers, which became louder each day that I was suppose - 

  1.  to take action and become part of the solution to help the thousands of individuals who are aware they have been poisoned with Gadolinium to use their voices, to raise the visibility to new levels and drive change.
  2. to drive awareness that will enable possibly millions of others also retaining and poisoned by Gadolinium to connect the dots.
    • Individuals who continue to suffer after receiving an incomplete, or incorrect diagnosis and still feel horrible each day.
    • Individuals who have had and are retaining Gadolinium but are unsure of where to go for help.

I created this site in November 2018 and have been waiting, praying and looking for the right time . Today, September 9, 2019, my heart said today is that time. And so, today we go live! 

My hope; victims will begin to heal as I have, and continue to do, by sharing our stories. Gadolinium changes our DNA, our health, our relationships. Through sharing and being vocal I hope many can feel empowered, and while the FDA and medical communities disregard and even shun and shame patients and victims, and that the voices of many will gain the visibility to the worst heavy metal disaster since Radium Girls.

I will publish my own story on the site in the next few days.

In kindness, 

Debbie Heist Lambert

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